Universes - III

An evening with stories & storytellers.

Hear that sound?
A little box has opened up
and out taking a walk are these stories not just one.

Some new, some old Some forgotten, tired and cold.
Put your ears to the wind,
and you'll hear the gossip
they have cooked and served.

Created & performed by storytellers in their unique way! 23rd April, 7:30PM IST
Online (Zoom)


Aparna Pawar
Khushboo Chokhani
Lali Banerji
Priyadarshini Chakravarty
Sangeetha Bhaskaran

Free event | Registration required
Contact: +91-7829765688 | [email protected]

*Storytellers are from Still Space Theatre’s "The Three Worlds : Storytelling" 

Still Space Gatherings are opportunities to witness work by Still Space team or associated artists in form of performances, meet-ups, open sessions, conversations and much more.

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stories & storytellers

Aparna Pawar

Aparna has been an educator for 25 years. As an English teacher she has been narrating stories to her students but now is eager to reach out to more young people. She has a passion for Mythology from all over the world. She starts her journey as a storyteller to connect with and enlighten young people with traditional tales (folk tales and myths) and through her stories hopes to make them more socially responsible human beings. 

Story - Hulchul in Hastinapur Gurudev Dronacharya is in the news. He has resigned. Is it because of political pressure or does he have his own personal agenda? Is Mata Kunti a manipulator or just a frustrated parent? Our news anchors try to find out the truth.

Khushboo Chokhani

Khushboo is a storyteller, a drama enthusiast who believes in the power of stories. Stories help you to explore your true self and unlock your potential and helps in realising them. This is what stories have done to her.

Story (Performance) 
Language - Marwari/Hindi

Lali Banerji

Lali is a lecturer, based in Germany, where she teaches communication skills to business students. For over 18 years, she has utilised stories and storytelling to train, coach and counsel her clients. She passionately narrates stories about India in diverse fora to share insights from our mythology, traditions and culture. 

Language - English/Hindi

Priyadarshini Chakravarty

Passionated in artistic endeavours, former actor at Indianostrum theatre, Pondicherry. Musician at heart . Trained in Hindustani Classical Music, currently learning Sitar. Exploration is my mantra. 

Story: " Unremarkable" is the story of us, the ordinary humans, in quest of extraordinary only to find that "extra" in the ordinary.

Sangeetha Bhaskaran

Sangeetha is a writer based in Bangalore and Dubai. She loves discovering new pieces in stories that have been told several times. Someday, she hopes to write and publish a book that makes people go 'Ufff'.